Security cannot be left as an afterthought. At SixSq we have built security into the service by design. Read on to better understand the built-in security primitives, for both and the NuvlaBox software, which turns any x86 or ARM single board hardware into a smart edge device.

We have taken particular care in automating security, in order to remove the number one cause of security issues: human error. But we have done it in a way to puts you at the helm, such that the security context is clear, simple and transparent.

The security architecture is simple yet comprehensive. It includes the following main parts:

  • Connectivity and network security: ensuring end-to-end security from the data at the edge to the wide area network
  • Application security: ensuring your containerised applications are secure and only run where and when needed and on the right data
  • Device system security: ensuring the operating system is secure, as well as the data it hosts

Don’t leave security to chance. With, security is built in by design. We partner with security experts, providing you with world class security, even for the most challenging applications in heavily regulated industries.

Discover the main security features

Security by Design

The and NuvlaBox software work together to ensure end-to-end security, including the cloud layer. When creating and connecting edge devices with the NuvlaBox software, builds a complete security context, including secure registration, update, as well as monitoring and notifications.

Fine Access Control

Each application and system is different. Therefore, you need fine control over who can access what. provides each resource with a clear and simple set of access control rules. Whether you want to share or restrict access to a group or an individual, the systematic fine access control feature gives you the right level of control.

Safe Sharing

Building scalable systems requires the collaboration of several individuals. Therefore, sharing access and rights is key to being able to collaborate effectively. allows you to safely share access to your assets.

Your own Virtual Private Network

Each NuvlaBox is individually secured, from factory setup, automatically including a Virtual Private Network.

This means you have secured end-to-end communication and fine control over who has access to which edge and cloud resources, as well as applications and services.

Secured Operating System

SixSq maintains the NuvlaBox OS (Operating System) as a secured Linux distribution for both x86 and ARM hardware architectures.

This means you have a solid Linux foundation to run the NuvlaBox Engine and all your apps. We also share recipes to improve security at factory time, with secured boot, disk encryption and more.

Data Protection

Data is key to your operations. NuvlaBox protects your data at the edge with a secured data gateway. safeguards your data in the cloud with a complete data management solution. Data is the new gold, it deserves solid protection.

Security Certification

For customers operating in regulated industries, we can assist with certification. From the choice of hardware all the way to integration in your DevOps or traditional processes, we can ensure you have the right end-to-end security in place.

Private Registry

We protect your software Intellectual Property (IP) by supporting private Docker registries. and NuvlaBox ensure that your secrets are safe by making sure no credentials are left anywhere while your apps get deployed and updated.

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