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SixSq is constantly scouting out new customers and app vendors. This is the fastest way we know for app vendors to find customers with a clear go-to-market and for customers to find the right app vendors to address their business challenges.

Simple Pricing

The marketplace pricing scheme is simple and transparent. The app vendor sets the subscription price. The usage is metered by the day and invoiced monthly. SixSq takes a fee and pays the vendor the remaining amount on payment by the customer. The metering starts only after 24 hours, giving the customer time to explore and validate the purchase.

Automated Payment

The marketplace integrates with the Stripe payment system. Supporting both credit cards and SEPA bank transfer, payment management is handled automatically. Vendors have their own payment dashboard and customers receive clear billing statements.

Future Proof

The marketplace takes full advantage of the architecture, providing a complete lifecycle for apps deployed by customers on their edge and cloud infrastructures. Therefore, vendors are able to provide updates regularly, which can apply with customer consent. Furthermore, customers can add, remove and swap apps at any time, with no penalties, in order to ensure they have the right apps to support their business.

No Lock-in

Since the marketplace is future proof, it also removes friction and therefore lock-in. The customer only pays for his or her consumption, by the hour, providing the freedom to change apps and apps vendors at any time. This reduces the risk of trying something new therefore benefits both app vendors and customers.

IPR Protection

The marketplace supports private Docker registries and credentials. This ensures only paying customers have access to any given version of the Docker images, therefore protecting vendor intellectual property.

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