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Let's have a look at how works with the edge and the cloud. The service architecture is also helpful.

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Here’s the full picture is a unique platform as a Service that is cloud neutral, container native, hardware agnostic, open-source based, secure and agile. You can depend on for the implementation and commercialisation of edge-to-cloud solutions. Detailed

Service Architecture

The service architecture includes both technical and business enablement features needed for you to create your own marketplace at the edge. Detailed

Create a comprehensive and secure edge-to-cloud architecture, to extract the insights from your data at the edge.

  • Marketplace: with the up-coming integration of Stripe Connect, becomes a business marketplace for edge-to-cloud solutions. With revenue share between app developers and infrastructure providers, enables the next generation of business at the edge.
  • Manageability: app management at the edge and in the cloud requires a rich platform able to provide effective control.’s manageability features provide everything needed to manage, monitor and update assets at the edge and in the cloud.
  • Data management: Data fuels the new economy. With the data gateway feature embedded in the NuvlaBox Engine and the data management features of, you are in full control of your data, both at the edge and in the cloud.
  • End-to-end security management: Security should never be left as an afterthought. Security is built-in by design in all layers of the eco-system. This includes end-to-end security with VPN automatically configured at registration time, to integrity enforcement of apps deployed at the edge. The security model works on untrusted network, with robust encryption end-to-end.
  • Edge control: Edge computing requires a different type of management and control strategy from other distributed systems. provides rich features to monitor, control and update fleets of edge devices. This strategy was designed for the edge, including the ability to work with semi-connected devices and devices connected over all IP networks (including satellite) with weak links.

We believe edge computing should be a no-lock-in space.

Therefore, we imposed the following strict guidelines on ourselves when we created the service and its software ecosystem:

  • Container native: We adopt and use Docker related leading technologies. This means you can drop-in apps packaged as Docker, Docker Compose, Docker Swarm and Kubernetes, as is. No mangling or proprietary extensions to lock you in. Promise!
  • Cloud neutral: By managing Container Orchestration Engines, we are compatible with all clouds, both public and private. Cloud neutrality is important, since you probably do not want to put all your eggs in the same cloud basket. And by using to deploy your apps in the cloud and at the edge, you are guaranteed to remain able to swap clouds if and when needed.
  • Hardware agnostic: SixSq is a software shop. We even define ourselves as software artisans of scale. While we work with several market-leading hardware manufacturers, our software remains hardware agnostic. Think of the NuvlaBox software being to the edge what Microsoft Windows is to the PC or Android to the mobile phone. We do have opinons and a lot of experience and we will be happy to share it with you. But our software remains stubbornly agnostic.

NuvlaBox Engine

The NuvlaBox Engine turns any computer (ARM or x86) into a smart edge device. The micro-service architecture is extensible and industrialised.

NuvlaBox Engine Detailed

More details on the NuvlaBox are available here.

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Created by Cristóvão (Cris) Cordeiro, R&D Project Manager at SixSq, this Youtube channel gives you all the detailed information needed to master and created amazing edge-to-cloud solutions.

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